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Found 2 results

  1. We interview Scott Bond of Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee about how exactly he uses sports to connect with his audience and tons of other useful social media marketing tips. Bond appears in the latest episode of the Marketing Happens podcast which is now available for download or streaming. He shares how he taps into his home office’s sponsorship of a National Hockey League team for local promotion and giveaways. “Those contests will supercharge your business page with engagement, likes, shares, comments, and with new followers,” says Bond We touch on Bond’s personal approach to posting and how he uses social to stay in touch with his clients and become informed of life changes—an under-utilized aspect of digital marketing. Bond shares advice for new agents who are entering the social world. He stresses the importance of being authentic and how he doesn’t believe in “selling” on social. We finish on reviews and how simple it can be for agents to get them. iTunes link Web browser link Google Play link
  2. I can pretty safely say that right now, today, you're cold. The whole country is--from Florida to Alaska. I'm bundled up against -10 windchill. So, since we're all inside, trying to stay warm, why not use the time to get off to a quick new year's start with a complete marketing campaign? It's called the Insure Your Love campaign. And the premise is simple: People buy life insurance because they love someone and want to make sure their loved ones would be OK if they were to die prematurely. Life insurance is really Love Insurance, right? That's why, for the past eight years, Life Happens has put together a complete marketing campaign that you can use right now. Traditionally, it's been launched around the month of love, February, and Valentine's Day, but the truth is, the theme "This Is Love" is relevant all the time. So, use your Life Happens Pro to it's fullest. Spend some time on the Insure Your Love landing page and explore ALL the resources. Videos? Yes. New email templates? Ah-ha. A month of prewritten social media posts? Yep. And more? You bet. Check it out, and let me know what you think! https://lifehappenspro.org/insure-your-love