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Found 2 results

  1. It's Time to Ride the Celebrity Wave

    Danica Patrick’s star is white-hot right now. She’s leaving racing as the top female to compete in the sport, and is poised to take all her businesses—from fitness to clothing to wine—to the next level. She’s on a journey and we’re on one, too, with her as the spokesperson for September’s Life Insurance Awareness Month. Your LIAM resources are now ready for you to peruse and start using—yes, you can use them now, through September and the ones featuring Danica all the way to Dec. 31 of this year. (And there is no "end date" for using all the evergreen resources!) Check out this amazing video Danica has done for us to use as we all spread the word and the theme for this year’s LIAM: “Journey to Financial Fitness” and how life insurance is a key component of that. This is just one of a slew of resources Life Happens has created for you to use. Check them all out here: www.lifehappens.org/liam. Remember, to access the complete suite of LIAM resources, you need to be a member of Life Happens Pro Plus or Premium (versus Lite), which also gives you the ability to put your logo or photo and contact info on the resources, and with Premium, you can actually take the Life Happens logo off an make the resources 100% your own. Amazing. Where else can you get star power like that with your branding. Check it out. If you have questions about your subscription, reach out to support@lifehappens.org.
  2. Social Media Success in One Hour a Week

    If you ask agents or advisors why they aren’t using social media or using it more often, you’ll likely hear that it takes too much time. We get it. Finding something to post about, creating a graphic, writing something insightful, posting to all the various social-media platforms—it takes time and energy. When those are in short supply, social media often gets put into the “too hard” folder. Meet Paul Mallett, an insurance agent who also works at a real-estate appraisal business. Would you believe that Paul runs two businesses and keeps up with his social-media posting in just one hour a week? His secret? Life Happens Pro. Staying Top of Mind Coming from a marketing background, Paul knows how important social media is to stay top of mind with prospects. His time, however, is limited. On Sunday afternoons, Paul logs into Life Happens Pro and takes just one dedicated hour to schedule all of his social-media posts for the week. Paul selects graphics, videos, and other media in Life Happens Pro and chooses the desired days, times and channels, such as Facebook or Twitter, for posting. He also adds his own commentary to the post, when possible. Paul selects graphics, videos, and other media in Life Happens Pro and chooses the desired days, times and channels, such as Facebook or Twitter, for posting. He also adds his own commentary to the post, when possible. “For me, the value of Life Happens Pro is the time I save,” says Paul. “I know that if I’m actively posting, I’m driving traffic to my website.” Once social-media users are sent to Paul’s site, they find other useful tools like the Life Happens embeddable Life Insurance Needs Calculator and a learning library of other articles and resources. Providing clients with easy access to accurate information lets them be in the driver’s seat when purchasing life insurance. Clients Are Ready to Buy Paul notes that “by the time people call me, they’ve gone through my website and done their research. They’ve already made a decision and are ready to buy; I simply look for any holes they might have missed and provide recommendations.” In terms of marketing resources, Paul attributes 80%-90% of what he uses to Life Happens Pro, from images to articles. In addition, he finds it user-friendly. “You don’t have to be an expert to use it. Fifteen minutes with Dee [Customer Success Manager] is all you need to set things up. It’s not as scary as some people might think. Most agents can do this,” he says. Paul acknowledges he hasn’t even scratched the surface of Life Happens Pro. It also allows agents to create personalized brochures and flyers, set up email marketing campaigns, and more. Fast Facts Paul Mallett: www.lifewithpaul.com/ Insurance niche: Term life insurance, disability Customer base: Young families, new home owners