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  1. COUNTRY Financial agent Jeremy Bradley shares how he boosts his Facebook posts and how it fits in his overall social and marketing strategy. Bradley appears in the latest episode of the Marketing Happens podcast which is now available for download or streaming. During the interview, he explains why he boosts Facebook posts and how big of a radius he chooses to target within the platform. We explain why it is so economically-efficient for an agent like him to do so. “You can spend $10 a post and have that thing still hit a few thousand people,” Bradley says. “And if it’s a catchy boost and people are liking it and sharing it, the next thing you know is you have 5,000 or 6,000 views and you only spent $5 or $10.” Bradley shares how he taps into his law enforcement background for his current role in financial services. Hear exactly why this group is so important to him. He also describes why he always chooses a variety of posts for his community and why posts fit into his larger marketing calendar. iTunes link Web browser link Google Play link