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  1. We interview Scott Bond of Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee about how exactly he uses sports to connect with his audience and tons of other useful social media marketing tips. Bond appears in the latest episode of the Marketing Happens podcast which is now available for download or streaming. He shares how he taps into his home office’s sponsorship of a National Hockey League team for local promotion and giveaways. “Those contests will supercharge your business page with engagement, likes, shares, comments, and with new followers,” says Bond We touch on Bond’s personal approach to posting and how he uses social to stay in touch with his clients and become informed of life changes—an under-utilized aspect of digital marketing. Bond shares advice for new agents who are entering the social world. He stresses the importance of being authentic and how he doesn’t believe in “selling” on social. We finish on reviews and how simple it can be for agents to get them. iTunes link Web browser link Google Play link
  2. COUNTRY Financial agent Jeremy Bradley shares how he boosts his Facebook posts and how it fits in his overall social and marketing strategy. Bradley appears in the latest episode of the Marketing Happens podcast which is now available for download or streaming. During the interview, he explains why he boosts Facebook posts and how big of a radius he chooses to target within the platform. We explain why it is so economically-efficient for an agent like him to do so. “You can spend $10 a post and have that thing still hit a few thousand people,” Bradley says. “And if it’s a catchy boost and people are liking it and sharing it, the next thing you know is you have 5,000 or 6,000 views and you only spent $5 or $10.” Bradley shares how he taps into his law enforcement background for his current role in financial services. Hear exactly why this group is so important to him. He also describes why he always chooses a variety of posts for his community and why posts fit into his larger marketing calendar. iTunes link Web browser link Google Play link
  3. On May 1, you’ll have an opportunity to take an active part in a Twitter Chat that Life Happens will be hosting to kick-off Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Join Life Happens as we moderate a Twitter Chat focused on how important disability insurance is, and why you need to be talking to your clients about it and helping them get the coverage they need. Date: Tuesday, May 1 from 1:00 p.m. EDT to 2:00 p.m. EDT Hashtag: use and follow #DIAMchat during the above timeframe Use the link here, to follow the hashtag on Twitter during the above timeframe. During the chat, we’ll be discussing the questions below from all-new research: All statistics below come from the study “What Do You Know About Disability Insurance?” Life Happens, 2018 Q1: We found that 7 in 10 employed Americans say they would feel the financial pinch in a month or less without their paycheck. Does this statistic surprise you? #DIAMchat Q2: More than half of employed Americans admit they know very little or nothing about their disability insurance. What problems could this lead to? #DIAMchat Q3: 30% of employed Americans would first look to their family, partner or friends for financial support if they were sick or injured and couldn’t work. Do you feel this number is high? #DIAMchat Q4: We found employed men know more about their favorite sports team (54%) than their own disability insurance (41%). Let’s discuss? #DIAMchat Q5: Let’s talk Millennials. We found that Millennials who are working know much more about their favorite TV show (95%) than their disability insurance (35%). How can we reach younger consumers about this important topic? #DIAMchat Pass your answers through company compliance if needed. Remember, you’ll have to use the #DIAMchat hashtag in each tweet. And don’t forget we have tons of materials for you to promote DI to your clients and prospects on Life Happens Pro. Just search under the insurance type: Disability Insurance or click here.
  4. Texas insurance agent Melinda Quiroz says agents must change their mindsets to properly approach social media marketing for their business. “If you’re not on social media and you’re not taking advantage of all the platforms that are out there, then you’re losing in business,” says Quiroz during the latest episode of the Marketing Happens podcast. We discuss how she changed her perspective on what type of social media content to post and why her strategy changed. Also during this episode, Quiroz describes how important it is that agents show their social following how they’re involved in their own community. “We have to be open to change and be open to using what everybody is on,” Quiroz says. “You want to be a part of it. You want your brand to be part of it.” She also shares some easy tips that agents can use to see results fast, as well as her future plans on social, including video and continuing her Instagram marketing. If you do not use a regular podcast player like the free podcast app found on the iPhone, you can listen to the episodes via a web browser at this link.
  5. New Episode of Marketing Happens Available

    The latest episode of the Marketing Happens podcast is available for download and streaming. I interview industry-veteran Terry Golesworthy from The Customer Respect Group. He discusses past and current trends that he analyzes for his newsletter about social media for financial services, Social Eyes. He also talks about recreating the trusted advisor model on social media as well as what the next few years may look like in the industry. Next, we discuss about how the agent should sell him or herself as the financial expert in their community and how the goal is to always provide value in that special relationship. We also learn from Terry what plain language is and why it’s important for industry websites and marketing material. Plus, as always, there are several social tips for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced insurance professional. Download on your favorite podcast app or go here.
  6. Facebook has announced that content from family and friends will soon be given priority over published news. Some Facebook publishers are upset about the company’s new stance and feel it is a slap in the face to partners. They argue these partners have published original content on the platform and helped the company make profits year over year. You can already find dozens of stories and how-to articles about how you can adjust your strategy to deal with the algorithmic changes. So, what’s an insurance professional to do as they plan and execute their social marketing efforts for 2018? Relax and breathe: These things can take some time. It’s not the first time Facebook has made major changes to what users see in their feed. 2014 saw the beginning of the end of organic reach on the platform and here we all are in 2018—still posting and placing ads. This new Facebook change is something we can adjust for. Relax. Stick to what makes sense: You already have a social strategy that most likely includes posting regularly to build up a community and get more eyeballs on your content. You are already using quality content like the tons of material that Life Happens produces, right? Keep it up. There’s no reason to change it and abandon the platform. Keep authentically and genuinely interacting with your community on Facebook. Make sure you answer and questions they post and keep active. Consider future opportunities: Ways to tweak and adjust your social strategy may become clearer as the platform’s changes start to become more realized. They are already pushing publishers to make Facebook Live video more and more. Think about the ways that you could implement live video into your content plan. (Yes, compliance may be an issue here.) Perhaps testimonials will make more of an impact with the Facebook changes because it uses real people and their real friends. If you have any questions about social, feel free to contact me here.
  7. Year-End Review Strategies

    Here’s a classic relationship-building article from ThinkAdvisor on year-end review strategies. I hope it may be of some use to you.
  8. Marketing Happens! Tune in

    Join me for the new Marketing Happens Podcast, which highlights best practices and analyzes the best ways to reach consumers through social media and over the web. I'll be interviewing guests that are digital marketing experts and discuss tips, trends, and what producers can do to help reach and connect with their clients. Download and listen to the first episode where I interview Sheryl Brown from Sigma Financial Corporation. Sheryl discusses training advisors on social and how important it was to fail at first. We discuss how some people can be apprehensive to take their businesses to social media at first and how they can be successful … sooner. In addition, Sheryl describes some exercises you can use to improve your search engine rankings. We finish with insights into marketing to women on social media and how an agent can approach such a strategy on their own. Subscribe to the podcast and download the episode now. Link.
  9. How Often Should I Post on Social Media?

    A frequent question I receive from agents and advisors is, “How many times should I post on social a day/week/month?” The answer is that there is no one single answer for every professional and their specific social marketing plan and calendar. When you begin building and growing your social media following, you’ll add close associates, friends, peers, and customers. After that comes the hard work. You’ll have to attract new people to follow or like your pages by providing enough value that they’ll want to “stay” and continue to like or follow you. This is an important time. You’ll know when you post too much because you will lose followers. You have to settle into a rhythm that steadily adds new followers while retaining the old ones. On Twitter, it’s expected that you can tweet several times a day. Remember that you don’t have to tweet that many times a day but it’s normal. For an insurance professional on Facebook, I would recommend posting around three times a week. If you are posting plenty of “non-sales” posts, maybe a little more. If you see people leaving your community, you may be posting too much (or not providing enough value.) If you are at a point where you are frustrated by crafting and scheduling all these posts, you’ll want to take advantage of a social-marketing suite like the one that Life Happens Pro offers, which does the heavy lifting for you.
  10. Hello, insurance professionals. I know your focus is getting clients and prospects the life insurance coverage they need. My focus is to help you reach them—efficiently and effectively—through social media. I run all things social for Life Happens, and I’ll be sharing tips and tricks here to make that part of your job easier. 1. Your image matters. Let’s talk Twitter. I’ve seen many be guilty of this, including me. When using links in a tweet, always try and include an image with it. Using an image catches the users’ eye as they’re scrolling through their timeline. They’re more likely to stop if there is an image with the link. Images no longer count against the 140-character count for Twitter—so there’s no excuse not to use one. If there’s an image on specific page you’re linking to, use that. If not, at least use a screenshot of the page. On a Mac, use Shift-Command-4. For a PC, go here or download an extension from the Chrome Web Store that will help you make a screenshot. Here’s an example where I used a screenshot with a tweet. 2. It’s all in the timing. Let’s move on to Facebook. What time of day are you posting your content? I suggest posting at a variety of times and seeing which times are best for your audience—when are you getting the most likes, shares and comments? That’s the way to go. Save you best content for the evening and in the P.M. when consumers are finally at home from work. You want to catch them when they’re relaxing and scrolling through their accounts at the end of the day. 3. Speaking of content … Life Happens Pro has a wealth of great content from graphics to flyers to videos. And soon will be rolling out a personalized social feed feature where you can automatically have our content post to your social channels based on your pre-defined posting schedule and settings. 4. Let’s stay safe out there. Did you hear about the bug that potentially exposed user and security data from millions of sites last week? Right now is a great time to reset the passwords of your agency’s social accounts. Don’t forget your personal accounts, too. Questions or comments? Feel free to contact me at nmcgrath@lifehappens.org or 703-888-4444.